Live Well on Less Than You Think: The New York Times Guide to Achieving Your Financial Freedom

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So I am proud of how much I have accomplished so far. Additionally, I have a more aggressive goal to have the opportunity to retire much sooner than the average retirement age. Hopefully, this post encourages and inspires you to take control just like I did. Anyone can start achieving the levels of financial freedom and the below are 8 steps will help you get there, even if you are starting out with little to no financial knowledge. While your income, your savings rate, your investment returns, your debt to income ratio, and all those other numbers are important when optimizing your money, the single most important metric that you should be tracking is your net-worth.

This was a big early mistake I made, so start tracking your net-worth today. After you start tracking your net-worth, you need to track where your money is going. Whether this is student loans, bills, food, entertainment, etc. This might not be the most exciting thing to do, but is CRUCIAL and actually does get more exciting the more money you are making and seeing your investments grow! It really can put your spending in perspective. Then once a month I used the data and wrote down every bill and loan I had with the numbers next to them some obviously varied slightly from month to month along with every time I spent money on going out, food, clothes, etc.

Slight tweaks and adjustments can make all the difference in the amount you save. This was how I was able to identify how much money interest my student and car loans were accumulating and then identified it was critical for me to start paying them down rapidly. When I first started working after college in , I had little skills other than what I learned in my classes and having previously worked at a grocery store. Not bad though, right? However, I do not know too many people that are even making close to that right after college, but environmental factors where you live , type of degree, etc.

Then in , I was let go from my job my department was being consolidated and it was just a few weeks shy of Christmas Thanks Santa! But luckily, I was looking for additional side income just before this was happening so I was making some money on the side still. While I was nervous and scrambling to figure out what to do for full-time work, I began looking into digital marketing I already had a blog about music that got me into SEO, analytics, etc. I wanted to find a job in something that I was really starting to enjoy as well as improve my future salary options. Here are the best skills to learn for the future.

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Of course, his required studying and using the programs on my own, but once I passed everything I was able to significantly boost my employment credibility. Sometimes you may have to be an intern or even work for free, but that experience and knowledge will add so much value to your resume. Within 3 months of being let go, I was working for three different companies remotely in digital marketing that not only paid my bills, but allowed me to build a network of new contacts, and led to a new career path.

Yet, you do not have to pursue digital marketing. But with so many great free resources online, you can improve your career without having to go back to school. But I have bills due! One mindset that makes saving money easier is to pay yourself first. The author essentially stated that he would save as much as possible before any bills were due and would leave just enough to make sure he had no late payments on bills. Half would go to my Vanguard retirement account and the other half to my savings. Then, I kept increasing it and diversifying where the money went.

Live Well on Less Than You Think

By paying myself first I was able to accomplish two goals — being able to invest and then spend less overall since there was less money in my account after the month was over. I made sure that savings were definitely happening, and I had peace of mind that money was actually being saved.

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  • The great thing is, once you get this started with the right funds, you then have it automatically taken out, which is even less work for you to manage. A majority of people in this world are consumers and not investors. But investing is essential to building wealth. While there are many great investing strategies , I am a huge fan of Vanguard and index fund investing. When most people get a raise or have extra money, we look to buy things that are not going to add much to our overall wealth. Money goes to new fancy cars, boats, clothes, you name it.

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    I ask myself this almost everytime I get the urge to buy something that I do not necessarily need at the time. This allowed me to free up hundreds of dollars a month that I could put to better use and in places that can provide me with some additional income. This might be one of the most important tips when it comes to financial success. Find a mentor or mentors and really pay attention to everything they do. Even if you are unsure if they will work with you, reach out and ask as many questions as you can. You will likely be really surprised by how much older experienced people are willing to teach and help you.

    If you do not have any friends or family that are mentor worthy in your eyes, look online for experts and even if you do not reach out to them, follow their blogs and advice Note: do not blindly follow advice though, always do your own research on top of what you are learning from others. I gravitated towards them and learned from them how they make income besides running their business and where they put their money to work.

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    We still talk about investment opportunities, real estate, and various ways to make money. As a kid, I loved reading and being able to choose a new book from the library was the highlight of my childhood.

    Then something changed, I got to high school and college and reading felt more like a chore. I was rarely reading, except for the occasional blog or required textbook for school. Even after graduating, I never picked up a book much, especially about finances!

    5 Things To Take From The FIRE Movement (Even If You Don’t Want To Retire Early)

    However, as I started this journey, I realized how essential reading was to developing my financial IQ. There is nothing that has a higher ROI return on investment in my opinion, than reading a book. I had to not only invest time building my knowledge, but improve my career to the point where I could make a solid income and side income, and then start investing that money. The cool thing is with compound interest and continuing to invest like I am, the growth of my account is just starting to have an exponential curve — where the rate of my investing returns are starting to accelerate. Seeing more of my efforts coming together in the next few years will it make all worth it.

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    This stuff really works. Creating financial freedom takes time up front, but the more you learn, the less time it ends up taking. To reduce the effects of financial scarcity, break up your goals into short-term, manageable chunks. As you saw from the personal story above, I was tantalized by the world of credit before I entered the workforce. That is, I was conditioned to spend, but I learned how to earn, save, or invest. Now, this conditioning starts much earlier than college.

    Any child watching a television commercial is being conditioned to consume. The purpose of an advertisement is to evoke desire. And we are not conditioned or taught to save, invest, or generate wealth. Cultural conditioning only works when it plays on pre-existing psychological and neurological mechanisms. In the case of spending, similar to virtually all addictive and compulsive behaviors, the culprit is dopamine. Dopamine releases in anticipation of a reward. This neurotransmitter gets triggered at the prospect of getting something, which is why online shopping can be so addictive.

    Said another way, we have positive associations with spending and negative associates to saving. The topic of dopamine goes together to addiction and impulse control. In Willpower audiobook , psychologist Roy Baumeister made us aware that we have limited reserves of mental energy or willpower each day called ego depletion. Why does the animal self so often overpower our Higher Self? In The Better Angels of Our Nature audiobook , Harvard researcher Steven Pinker provides data suggesting the reason why the majority of people die with debt: most people tend to undervalue how long they will live.

    That is, we tend to devalue our Future Self. The good news is that willpower is like a muscle and you can increase your level of self-control around money.