Institute for a Sustainable Environment Annual Report (2010-2011)

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The issue is complicated by the distribution of patents across national regimes with varying processes and organizational structures. The ability of computers to link to data automatically is crucial for text mining and related online activities, and represents another Boarddesignated area of strategic importance. Linked data applications require the display of data in machine-readable form.

Equally important, the DataCite DOI Registration Agency has announced it will adopt this approach, and at a recent conference of Persistent Identifier PI providers there was consensus on the advisability of taking similar measures to ensure interoperability across PI schemes. This marks an important step in ensuring the long-term viability of the DOI system. CrossRef is committed to ensuring the same quality of service for all its members.

For smaller publishers there are two common obstacles to participation in Cited-by Linking: the bibliographic references in their articles are often not in XML, which complicates their submission, and the platforms supporting their Web sites often lack the capacity for incorporating the cited-by function. To address the first issue, CrossRef is developing a set of tools that publishers can use to extract the references from articles in PDF format and submit them to the Cited-by service.

CrossRef has also begun work on a tool to bridge the gap in Web site capability, but in the interim, a researcher at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania has written a plug-in for the Open Journal Systems OJS platform, used by many smaller publishers, that allows the incorporation of Cited-by Linking into any OJS-based publication.

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As a collaborative organization, CrossRef welcomes the innovation, which has reduced the urgency of the issue. With more than publishers now participating, CrossCheck, powered by iThenticate, is a proven asset to publishers in ensuring the quality and originality of their content, providing a large and growing database of scholarly literature against which submitted articles can be screened. The number of manuscripts that publishers are submitting to the system has grown significantly and now averages over 20, per month.

Any DOI displayed in this way is immediately recognizable as an active link, and since the format is machine-readable, the new policy also supports the strategy of enabling linked data applications. The goal is for researchers to have the ability to access the datasets cited in a particular article, and to see which articles have cited a particular dataset.

The core CrossRef linking service depends on reciprocity, with publishers required as a condition of membership to implement outbound reference links in their publications to complement inbound links from other publishers. Because failure to establish outbound linkage usually results from technical obstacles experienced by smaller publishers, CrossRef has as of discontinued the per-DOI non-linking fee, opting instead for a suspension of membership after an month grace period.

CrossRef is working on a tool that will enable any publisher to implement outbound linking from PDF articles, which should help more small publishers comply with their member obligations. CrossRef has revised its Affiliate membership categories to reflect more accurately the ways such members interact with the CrossRef system. The new CrossRef Workshops day on November 15 replaced the Technical Meeting of the past, with a well-received emphasis on hands-on sessions.

Staff members continue to play important roles in industry organizations. CrossRef has a strong presence at industry events and conferences.

This promotes the development and cooperative use of new and innovative technologies to speed and facilitate scholarly research. CrossRef Cited-by Linking allows publishers to discover how their publications are being cited in other publications and to display that information to their readers.

The database includes full text scholarly and academic publications and web resources with high-quality scholarly content. It gives scholars the information they need to verify they are using the most up-todate versions of the research they rely on. INERA www. MESUR www. IEEE Term: — www. Term: — www. CrossRef is committed to the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet.

As a global citizen, we continually strive to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do. Pursuing Big Ideas. A simple way for publishers to mark their versions of record and show their commitment to maintaining their scholarly content. CrossRef was established in during a time of rapid change in scholarly communications.

Our agreement with Portico is one of a series of measures we have 4 taken to preserve the continuity of the scholarly record in the event that participating organizations, including publishers and CrossRef itself, should cease to operate. Edward N. CrossCheck is a prime example of this: revenues from the service nearly matched expenses in and it should move into profitability this year, affirming the soundness of the process by which CrossRef projects move through development from concept to mainstream activity.

CrossRef is collaborating with the Australiabased Cambia, creator of the Patent Lens, a tool for searching more than 10 million international patent documents to help innovators survey the existing boundaries of intellectual property.

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Cited-by Linking Linked Data The ability of computers to link to data automatically is crucial for text mining and related online activities, and represents another Boarddesignated area of strategic importance. Over publishers are now participating in Cited-by Linking. Interesting Facts Launched in Launched in Launched in Almost 50 million of DOIs now in the CrossRef system participating publishers publishers participating Over million cited-by links Database of 30 million articles to cross-check More than publishers participating Launch anticipated in CrossCheck simplifies plagiarism screening.

Learn more at www. COM www.

Published on Nov 28, Go explore. There were also side discussions with the Earth Charter Initiative and faith-based organizations on cooperation in preparation for Rio. The IEF submission offered specific elements for the compilation of the zero draft outcome document for the conference, focusing on themes which included: environmental migration, development of a green economy for a sustainable society, ethical support to policy-making, and increasing accessibility to advances in science and technology for community empowerment.

On 28 February , non-governmental organizations concerned with climate change and its effects on human rights delivered a letter to Ministers attending the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, asking them to call for a Special Procedure on climate change and human rights. This group consists of experts from all regions and major groups and provides input to the International Environmental Governance IEG processes leading to Rio These contributions and activities further increased the visibility for IEF in the Rio preparatory process.

These opportunities have helped open up and expand the dialogue within the wider community to promote the application of spiritual and ethical principles to the challenges of the environment and sustainable development.

In the global consultation, Arthur Dahl moderated a working group on the institutional framework for sustainable development. Another is an Office of Ethical Assessment in the UN, to provide policy reviews on the ethical implications of UN decisions and policies based on accepted international principles and the major religious and cultural traditions. The IEF was invited by the Earth Charter Initiative with faith communities to collaborate in a research project on the spiritual dimensions of sustainability.

This is expanding to a research project on the spiritual dimensions of sustainability. The IEF has agreed to collaborate on this project. In April, Emily Firth represented the IEF at a meeting of this informal group during which agreement was reached by the members to prepare a Call For Action on the role of climate change in its impact with human rights.

The Preach-in is an annual multi-faith event designed to build awareness and spur action on climate change, particularly in and through faith communities. Arthur Dahl participated in the Conference of the Global Ethics Forum in Geneva, Switzerland from 30 June to 1 July , which brought together participants from the public and private sector, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, governments, academic institutions and individuals under the theme: The Value of Values in Business: Global Perspectives, Practical Solutions.

This three-month course is being held from September to December, The conference theme was "Deeds, Not Words: Uniting the Spiritual and the Practical", and Peter's talk was on "Faithful Environmental Stewardship: the role of religion in addressing the environmental crisis". An exhibit on IEF was also on display during the conference. The meeting brought together 30 people from 15 countries from a broad range of backgrounds, including radiation protection, toxicology, epidemiology and philosophy of technology.

IEF member Dr. Austin has worked for many years in the Pacific Islands to help local communities, particularly village women, restore damaged coral reefs by selecting resistant corals and replanting them on the reef. He is now extending the project to the Caribbean.