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It is a delightfully syncopated, energetic powerhouse. This work is so much fun to play, it could come with an unconditional, money back guarantee! Modal Piano 4-hands 2.

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The original Hosanna Down! The title is derived from the numerous shorter movements which make up the piece:. In direct collaboration with Jackson Berkey, Dr. Moore has created beautiful harp settings of pieces written by the composer in other genres. The two volumes, listed below, are also pristinely recorded on SDG Records. All may be performed on Harpsichord, Piano, or various Synthesizers. Fantasy on a Rose. Berkey's works traverse the "Circle of Fifths", alternating between major and relative minor keys.

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Although the composer maintains the 12 key signatures, occasionally the NOCTURNE at hand is in one of the modes of its indicated key signature, rather than having the key signature's "tonic" as the key center. Nocturne in C Major No. Full, rich chords provide the bass foundation after rapidly moving treble notes arrive gently from a distance in the opening. A study for the eye and the fingers, notations of each pattern are beautiful in their clarity and ultimate sparkle of energy.

Nocturne in A Minor No. The constancy of life emanates from a quiet foundation to become large, shifting tectonic plates of related key centers in its spicy harmonic journey. This Nocturne is represented by glorious bursts of color and dynamics, as well as quiet inner solace. Nocturne in G Major No.

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Atypical to Debussy, however, Berkey's composition has detailed pedaling. Double stemming sometimes indicates melodic lines, which occur as part of a moving ostinato or accompanimental figure. In these instances, melodic pedaling is necessary for clarity. As with all of his piano works, Jackson writes with a high level of specificity, but there is always great opportunity for personal expression, as well.

Nocturne in E Minor No. The influence of jazz is implied through colorful harmonic extensions. Nocturne in D Major No. Inherently richly harmonic jazz presents the performer with a myriad of accidentals, often mixed in both hands simultaneously. This Nocturne includes a combination of "swing" and "concrete" metric information.

Nocturne in B Minor No. From extended Tonic and Dominant harmonies over varied pedal points to an abundance of expressive rhythmic and harmonic flourishes, the sweet delicacy of past memories comes alive. Nocturne in A Major No. Following a brief introduction of the ostinato pattern, the melodic content is presented in three contrasting ways, including intertwining melody with ostinato and showcasing the melody on top of an extended pedal point. To provide clarity of the upper melodic lines, finger pedaling technique is employed.

Nocturne in F Minor No. The beautiful, haunting melody draws in the listener. Included in the publication is a second engraving of No. Nocturne in E Major No. The main lyrical melody is set simply and elegantly in a somewhat strophic form. It leads to a strong release of emotion, as if in a refrain. Nocturne in G-Sharp Minor No.

Despite the unabashed romantic nature, with its beautifully expressive middle section in the relative B major, there exists an ongoing harmonic struggle between the tonic and dominant harmonies. At other times, instead of peacefully coexisting, the two keys clash, showing both the tonic and dominant in the same bar, which creates increased emotion and expression.

Nocturne in E-Flat Major No. The great underlying Truth and her strong faith in God is shown with great strength, as well as in the turmoil of her imagination. The gentle opening turns loose in a breathless and rapid emotion. After the apex, a calm and peaceful ending draws the Nocturne to its last breath. Nocturne in B-Flat Major No. As with Berkey's writing, expressionism abounds in this Nocturne. Nocturne in G Minor No. Much of the accompanimental aspect of the G Minor Nocturne is built on fast-moving, two-handed arpeggiations which may, in fact, be thought of as "home positions" that are altered significantly throughout by subtle note changes.

Once the performer is familiar with the basic positions, the melodic material takes place in the "free hand," at times becoming choreographic both visually and physically via the crossing of the hands. Nocturne in F Major No. Nocturne in D Minor No. A serene closing settles the drama. The Preludes were written on the composer's first sabbatical at Cape May, New Jersey, America's oldest seaside resort. The short, multi-movements carry us through a day with the composer at the oceanfront "Colvmns By The Sea" Bed and Breakfast. Idiomatic and soloistic oboe and harp writing are present throughout.

Wind Chimes 16' SDG This five movement work is a showcase for both the harpsichord and the oboe and oboe d'amore, for which it was written. The Phillip Erklen Series Piano solos written to demonstrate various hand positions, melody-accompaniment-voicing balance, and rhythmic variety.

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Often specific techniques employed by famous composers are introduced and developed. This series is particularly suitable for adults and more mature intermediate students in recital and competition. The melodies are charming, and the rhythmic and harmonic language is rewarding. A short journey into polytonality also adds to the fun. The mode alternates between major and minor, and the melody moves among the bass, treble, and inner voices, including crossed hands.

The Piano Derivations are retrospective in nature and represent an overview of the composer's work from to Power Drive. The Sultan's Palace. Dog Bone Draw.

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Haunted Hollow. The First Dancing Lesson. Raindrops on My Roof. Simple Waltz. Skeleton Stomp. Woodland Farewell. Distant Shores. The Piper's Jig. Meerkat Capers. Prairie Wind. Sunday Morning Revival. The Grand Tetons. Rustic Dance Op. Toccata in A Minor. La Festividad.

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The Banjo Player. Pantalon Op. City Scenes.

American Sonatina, Mvt. Round 'Em Up. Inside Page. Sixth Street Stomp. Wizard Fantasy. Alla Tarentella No. Arabesque No. The Enchanted Wood. Front Range. Prelude No. Samba Bamba. Busy Toccata. Grand Waltz in A Flat Major.

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