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Traditionally, little girls are spanked on the panties - mainly because it looks cute - and a sore bottom is always signified by yellow stars twinkling around the posterior as in the picture shown above. Don't worry, the situation isn't quite as one-sided as it first appears. Glory never takes an insult sitting down so to speak , and no sooner is the punishment over than she's plotting revenge for the next story There's lots more where these came from.

Bawden, Nina. When her father tells her that she had to be punished, she asks him to punish her with kisses.

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She asks that she keep her drawers on, but is refused, and given a long, hard switching. He then proceeds to lay-in some very hard hand spanks, landing squarely on her cute, rounded teenaged rear. She gets one slap for every year of her age. The pet of the family brought low. She had thought at the time that they were real kidnappers and were intent on doing her harm.

Ring's only intent after that was doing her pert bottom harm of one particular sort.

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Forrester, J. She was taken down to the cellar by her father who spanked her with his hand and his belt. She recalls, her own experiences being spanked with a belt. When his mother catches them, she blames him. The mother sends her home and gives the boy a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush. Her legs and bottom become a burning blaze. She is greatly humiliated by the experience and the young heroine hides under her bed with the dust balls.

We are led to believe she has been getting spanked with greater frequency of late. Her father switches her in front of him. This time her father spanks her over his knee.

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And of the little girl's getting turned on, including the universal spankophile childhood ritual of looking the word "spank" up in the dictionary. They go to her room, where he makes her bend over the end of the bed.

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He lifts her skirt, pulls down her drawers, and gives her fifteen strokes. Spinner, Stephanie, ed. Colette, p. Joyce Carol Oates, p. The father takes him into the bedroom, takes down his pants, and spanks him with a belt. Wilbur-Cruce, Eva A. Click here for selected passages from the previous, now-defunct Childhood Spanking Memories forum of the same name.

Click here for selected passages from the current forum. Alvaro's Archive of Spanking Stories. The bathroom was big- large white porcelain tub and toilet. There was linoleum on the floor, which had such a floor wax, musty, uriny smell when my nose was pressed to it, as I lay over mother's lap. White ceramic tiles covered the walls. There was a big wooden vanity, with a large white sink set in it, and a couple of cupboard doors below, and a big mirror above. The acoustics in that room were superb in that the sounds of hand or hairbrush impacting with my bare buttocks, my mother's stern lecturing, and my yelps and cries, would reverberate off the wall and mix together into such a caucophony of sound.


I know when I listened to one of my sibs 'get it' in the bathroom the sounds were incredible! To this day, bathrooms have a special place in my psyche. When I visit my parents I still walk into that room, a little trepidation in my heart! And I have used my own main bathroom on many occasions when disciplining my own children.

Close the door behind you," she said with quiet politeness and as casually as she would have said that she was going to check Tammy 's homework. There, as big as life, in Mom's hand was the hairbrush - not 'a' hairbrush or 'her' hairbrush, mind you, but the hairbrush! She wasn't even trying to hide it behind her or anything - she was carrying it right out in the open where everybody could see it - as big and as scary a thing as I had ever seen. I was beside myself - she said that she was going to spank my sister and she was carrying her hairbrush! Tammy was really gonna get it!! I knew what she used that hairbrush for, though not from personal experience yet, and I knew that the appearance of that brush meant that my prediction of Tammy being spanked without her underwear on was going to come true, too!

Mom's tradition of always tugging down underpants before applying her hairbrush had already been established with David and Jenny, and there was no doubt that Tammy 's panties would be pulled down for her spanking today. So there were two hard and fast rules concerning that creek and me: Number one: No playing near the creek without permission, and Number two: No playing when the brush was high enough to attract the snakes that Mom believed only hid there so that they could bite little girls.

Mom seemed to be convinced that any little girl bitten by a copperhead or rattlesnake would blow up like a balloon and then explode on the way to the hospital. I didn't believe her - I believed that those snakes were too little to hurt me. I had dogs with bigger teeth than those snakes, and the dogs never bit me, right?

Mom also seemed to believe that it was better for a little girl to have her bottom spanked than to be bitten by a copperhead - and I didn't agree with this either! One day when I was about seven years old, I managed to forget both rules. Honestly, I was old enough to remember both rules, but the siren song of the creek was stronger than the memories of the spanked bottom that breaking those rules had given me in the past.

I never intended to play in the stream - it just sort of happened. I never meant to actually get in the water - it just sort of happened.

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I never meant to slip and fall down - it just sort of happened. I sure never planned to be seen playing in the creek by my mother in the house - but that just sort of happened too! I was still trying to talk her out of it when she started the real spanking. In seconds I was blubbering like a I was just burning up back there as her huge maternal hand landed on my tiny little bare bottom over and over again.

My vigorous squirming didn't interfere a lick with the angry woman holding me tightly and spanking all over my bottom. My loud crying and promises to be a good girl were falling on the deaf ears of a woman who had, at that time, three daughters who were still in the spankable and frequently spanked age range. My tears, promises, and crying as well as the sight of my rapidly reddening little bare bottom meant nothing to the woman who could just as easily have been across the hall spanking a bare 9-year-old or up the hall spanking an eleven-year-old girl with her panties down.

She's been cried on, begged to, and promised to far too many times by my older sisters for me to have any influence on the spanking that I was receiving. Fortunately for me, I had not yet experienced the use of a hairbrush for anything but brushing hair. My big brother knew that Mom kept a special hairbrush in her dresser for a different use, and my oldest sister had either just learned or was soon about to learn that hairbrushes are useful on both ends of a girl, but I was still hand-spanked at that time.

But, with Mom's hand being bigger than my bottom and that darned towel lying on the floor, I was being given a good spanking and she really didn't need her brush to make an impression on me!

She continued as I withered and sagged across her knees crying and barely even squirming as my spanking came to an end. I rested and she rested for a few moments as I drooped on her lap and gradually gained some control back over my crying and my breathing. Liz lifted her pleated tartan skirt just high enough for us to all see the still pinkish marks on her upper thighs.

My first almost look at a luscious female derriere! Despite trying to be brave, Liz admitted she feared going home because the principal had promised to call her mother regarding her disrespectful outburst. Her mom treated us all very well, giving us cookies. I recall quite clearly how we tried to give Liz some comfort and sympathy.


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But the knowledge of what would really occur hung in the air like a dark cloud. We all thought we were too old to be turned over the knee and spanked. Then Liz said it out loud: Yes, mom still spanks me and my two younger sisters. Well, that is except when Jessie and Meghan seem to get into some trouble together. How is it that you maintain such marvelous behavior with your girls? I was somewhat concerned that my disciplinary techniques might meet with some disapproval amoung my colleagues. But after some thought, I decided to press ahead. Let's not beat around the bush here. Please, I'm coming to you for advice.

I want your help. I don't need generalities and educational mumbo-jumbo from Child Psych I. Please, help me.

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Why do your girls toe the line most of the time? Each of the girls knows that, without any exception and without any chance of reprieve, misbehavior, disobedience, disrespect, or any one of the other childhood naughtinesses, will be answered with a good, sound, old-fashioned, over-the-knee, bare-bottomed spanking. On rare occassions I have spanked one of them on her panties, but I usually spank bare hand to bare bottom.

Does that answer your question? The door opened, and Tammy's heart turned to stone when she saw her Daddy's face.