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If you have been unsure about how to introduce emotion into your sales or marketing communication, this book will give you more insight, ideas, and inspiration than any other book out there. Download a Content Funnel Mapping Checklist to help you deliver your message to your prospects and customers. The rules of digital marketing are constantly changing. Using case studies and real-life examples, Scott explores the latest best practices that lead to marketing success. The first part is an argument why organizations, especially smaller businesses and nonprofits, should emphasize social media and how the efficient use of social media depends on a different way of thinking compared to traditional media.

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He covers the implications for web site content as well. Krug published the first edition in , and the book has been the bible of user experience since the early s. Web sites are the primary interface between most businesses and their customers. The title is the recurring theme of the book: customers should not have to figure out or interpret your site, it should just work the way they expect. The book is shortish at pages and uses the principles he recommends.

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It is colorful, uses high-contrast layout, and is very skimmable with clear headlines and subheads. Every marketer with a web site needs to read this book periodically. In Pre-Suasion Cialdini goes deeper into the subtleties of persuasion, covering privileged moments, attention and importance, focus and causality, identity, place, crowds, and shared action. The book seemed particularly insightful and relevant after watching the momentous US presidential election. Watch a webinar on persuading your organization to support SEO. These insights help a marketer in two primary areas: 1 persuading internal colleagues and executives to support the marketing plan and its initiatives, 2 persuading the consumers to take appropriate action.

A compelling read. Thomson set out to study what makes things break big. This is an important topic for marketers whose main goal is to make their products known and loved by as many people in their target market as possible.

The next era of mobile: Marketing revolution or tech fetishism?

He covers many media over the last 2 centuries, including Impressionist art, winning political speech and speakers, movies, music, fashion, books, Etsy hit products, and mobile apps. In the end he concludes there are no hard and fast rules on what makes things pop, but there are some reliable patterns: 1 simplicity, 2 familiarity, 3 frequency, 4 influential supporters, 5 close-knit supportive groups, 6 rhyming and catchy copy, 7 logical balance and intriguing inversion in messaging, 8 cross-channel support, 9 gradual innovation, and 10 ad hoc random influences.

Thomson is a good, young writer and fine storyteller, and he has put together a useful treatise on a nebulous topic. This book has dozens of useful insights for how to produce really good writing content. Highly recommended for all the marketers who write or edit content. Read the free ebook on content marketing success.

Watkinson is a designer and consultant who helps businesses get their customer experience right, and he brings a product and service design perspective to customer experience. Great customer experiences are effortless — for the customer. He outlines 3 areas to address: 1 Time on task, 2 Convenience, 3 Simplicity. Companies often lose track of this principle as they evolve and update their products and services. Download a checklist of site usability and readiness. The book is an excellent read on design and customer delight which leads to better customer retention with many practical tips and takeaways.

Bhargava focuses on the landscape in which we work, spots trends, and explains how marketers can tap into and take advantage of them. He also explains how to curate information and spot trends for those who are interested. Bhargava republishes the book each year as he understands that trends are fast moving and he wants to keep a current perspective. This is a more general business success book that marketers will find interesting.

Figure out when things are busy, steady, and slow and then adjust your budget accordingly. This often requires planning ahead, but Google and other ad platforms make it fairly easy to adjust your budget on an ongoing basis. Another thing to take advantage of is ad scheduling. When do people typically book their trips? Perhaps you run a hotel that gets frequent business travelers; these individuals may tend to book more during business hours compared to the folks traveling for leisure who are more likely booking during weeknights or weekends.

Look at the data to determine this and set an ad schedule so your ads are only running at a higher budget during these peak times. Your hotel needs to have a reason that leads your prospects to choose you over your competition.

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If there are not any obvious reasons, like having the lowest prices or the best reviews, brainstorm some unique incentives and offers you can provide to prospects. Incentives are also great for creating a sense of urgency to spur people to book with you before they miss out on a special limited-time offer. See the example below for a luxury hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

They provide an entire area of their website for special offers. Not bad! The chances are your hotel is not located in the middle of a desert. Whether that be well-known restaurants, shops, or yoga studios, you need to get to know your neighbors. For instance, you could partner with a popular brewery and run a contest where the winner gets a free brewery tour and beer tasting along with a discounted stay at your hotel.

Building these relationships will lead to easy, effective, and affordable marketing that will definitely increase your booking rates.

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Chances are many future vacationers are still indecisive whether or not the city or town where your hotel is located is the place where they want to use their precious PTO. While, yes, it is smart to promote your top-rated room service and infinity pool, it is just as important to promote your location.

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What makes your city or town a desirable place to visit? Future visitors want to know this. Check out this great example from The W Chicago. Rather then solely promoting their modern hotel amenities, they also promote local happenings by targeting a specific audience of festival goers. Take advantage of the local attractions and events in your marketing, and promote what your city is famous for!

The next era of mobile: Marketing revolution or tech fetishism? – Marketing Week

While this might seem like common sense, there are so many hotel websites out there that are slacking in their website design. This is an instant turnoff for hotel bookers. The website is often the first impression a person has of your hotel, so you need to make it breathtaking, but also usable.

When overhauling your website, focus on keeping the design and navigation clean, crisp, and simple. Ensure your hotel photographs are professional, high-res, and displayed in the correct formats and ratios to work for both desktop and mobile. Keep the language clear and simple, and ensure the booking process is easy to avoid mid-booking abandonment. Videos also tend to work well since they show off your space in a more thorough and engaging manner.

Their background homepage video does an excellent job at showing off the beauty of their destination. Marketing and customer service go hand in hand, especially in the hospitality industry. If you go above and beyond for your customers, then they are much more likely to pay it forward and do the same for you in terms of stellar online reviews, referrals, and return visits. So what does superior customer service mean? The first step is ensuring your staff is hired and trained with a customer-first mentality.

While working with people can be very challenging, always putting the customer first is critical. For instance, say your hotel visitor is upset with the view from their room and there are no other open rooms available. Try to figure out if you can move them for the remainder of their stay later on, and to compensate for the trouble, provide them with a bottle of bubbly and a hand-written note apologizing for the inconvenience. These types of gestures can make a lasting impact and show the customers how you value them.

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When customers are treated exceptionally well they will be much more likely to share their experiences with others, leading to more business for you. Customer loyalty programs are a wonderful way to ensure customers come back again and again. These programs are designed to give large discounts and special perks to returning visitors.

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