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William could have repaired some of the damage by turning up at the Abbey on Monday — India is, after all, the largest country in the Commonwealth — but the lure of the ski slopes proved too strong to resist. It gives me no pleasure to berate the Duke of Cambridge like this. Until recently, I was his biggest fan. Journalists are used to his hostility — to the cold-eyed stare that seems to imply that they are no better than the paparazzi who chased his mother to her death nearly 20 years ago.

Diana used to tease him for it. Laid-back Wills is a distant memory. In this respect, he is more like his father than his mother. Not really. Lest we forget, he was a very powerful and famous year-old man courting and marrying a teenager, so of course the power dynamics were all fucked up at the beginning, and just became moreso as Diana really caught fire on the world stage.

R - So that's why Hillary lost - Sarah Latham, who was on her PR team for the campaign, wrote up the talking points for that now infamous speech and intended to write "adorables" and instead wrote "deplorables"!!!! Anne, the Yorks, the Wessex pair and the Cambridges all been photographed leaving the hospital.

The Sussex pair are "special". R - Diana wasn't 13, she was 19 when she started dating Charles and 20 when they got married. And by every and all accounts, she was desperate to marry him, was obsessed with marrying him, ignored every red flag on display and there were more than a few , and then, when the fairy-tale she'd constructed in her mind failed to materialise, blamed everyone else for it.

It wasn't her chronological age that was the problem: it was her emotional age, and from what we saw of her relationships with men affairs within the marriage and then after it she didn't mature much. She had massive problems. The BRF and Charles were absolutely at fault for not allowing him to marry the woman he really loved, and Charles, hounded by the press and lectured by his father about ruining the reputation of a nice girl from a good family, just caved in.

I don't absolve him of blame for that, but in my view it was a perfect storm, and it blew in from both sides.

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Princess Anne opened a riding facility for the diabled in Warwickshire. I highly doubt the look of love she's giving the horse has ever crossed her face when looking at her two husbands. Kate's latest engagement is launching the Blue Peter competition. She's really ahem.. MM's arrival has given her a boost of confidence and sense of competition maybe? All this sheep rearing, gardening, outdoors-ing and children centric activities are excellent looks for her.

The public is loving it! Hell, Im rooting for MM too. She's fun. I hope she doesn't change and doesn't do the sweetness and light routine. I like her like this..

Kate Middleton, 37, will appear on Blue Peter tonight to launch a competition for children to design a sculpture for her Back to Nature garden. She donned her gold badge for the appearance. Anne seems to be letting her hair gradually go gray. So much better than the harsh dark color she normally dyes it. Agreed, R, I hate Kate's skin tight jeggings. In the photo they just make her look like she's got flat white girl ass. I wonder if the little Cosmo-reported brief hotel stay will result in a fourth Cambridge bub?

I'm sorry for being such a terrible frau but another baby hopefully a girl would be so lovely! RThat's about the most genuinely happy and relaxed I've ever seen Anne. It's like HMQ with her corgis and labs and Charles with his chickens and gardens. Their pleasures, in a way, are quite simple.

Just expensive. I love how country the BRF are, it's kinda qt. Meghan, for all her past research, really didn't understand the family she was entering. R - I don't think Harry and Meghan would appreciate a fourth Cambridge baby - Harry would become seventh, his kid eighth in the line of succession, and the Yorks would be even more miffed: Andrew would move down to ninth, and Bea and Yuge down to tenth and eleventh, making moving the girls forward even more difficult.

What the Yorks are hoping for is Harry throwing in the towel and departing for points westward with Meghan and Archie in tow, resigning his place in the line of succession as he waves Cheerio! If you have a staff of 10 regulars, plus extra for special projects gardening can be fun. And someone to tend to the polishing of all the outdoor sculptures.

R - Nailed it. Kate knows she's not there to be edgy or daring. She's doing the Future Princess of Wales number which, let us face facts, could happen at any moment and anticipating the Future Queen Consort number which comes up on her dance card the moment she becomes Princess of Wales. She can leave the fashion icon bullshit to the woman who will never be anything other than the Former Spare's wife because Harry really isn't the Spare any longer, Prince George is, and George has two siblings who come ahead of Harry and who will, eventually, have to curtsy to Kate in public.

R - Not. Prince William is the future heir to the throne as long as his father, Charles, is the Heir Apparent which is what the Prince of Wales technically is , and whilst Charles remains that, William is the future heir and his children are, realistically, all spares. Why do people care about British royalty so much? Are the Brits planning to completely abandon democracy after Brexit?

R - Answer to first question: it's fun. How does that represent an abandonment of democracy? Greenland left the EU: has it descended into facism?

British Royal Family Gossip: Part 72

I never said Brexit represents "an abandonment of democracy". Maybe, let's face it our politicians are a complete shower. I know the Royals tried before. I don't know if they could be any worse than this current bunch. R - We all take your point, I'm sure, and I doubt either of those reasons would stop Kate from getting herself up the duff again if she pleases she seems to love motherhood and there probably would be some malicious pleasure in KP in seeing the L.

But Kate's 38, her youngest is still only 14 months old, HM is 93, and Kate's father-in-law will probably have a short reign. I don't know. And the Brits aren't obsessed with the royal family. A small segment of Brits are, the tabloids find them great fodder, and of course there's a subset here on DL. But it would be a great mistake to judge the entire British population by a group of gossiping Marys on this site.

And I'm still not sure how being obsessed with the royal family obstructs democracy here.

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  2. Wallis Simpson’s marriage to Edward VIII was shockingly miserable.
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Britain has had a consitutional monarchy for a very long time and remains one of the world's pre-eminent democracies in the broad sense of the word. What Rihanna is succeeding at is, IMO, exactly what MM wants to do and how she imagines the future if she and Harry exit to the US and move to Hollywood celebrity instead of constrained royal celebrity. The spare is the next one down to the heir. It dates back to parents necessarily having to have more than one child to ensure succession because of the high infant mortality rate. Pretty sure we all know that, thanks. We are essentially in agreement, R Both Diana and Charles contributed to the shitshow that was their marriage.

But Diana was a sheltered, ill-educated year-old from a broken family background when she started dating Charles, which made her emotional age closer to Hence, the idolization of Charles the Prince rather than the realistic assessment of Charles the man, which led to her enraged disillusionment in the early days of their marriage.

But I do think that early on, she was more sinned against than sinning. The BRF wanted a combination broodmare and clotheshorse as the Princess of Wales, and what they ended up with an emotionally unstable, fantastically charismatic young woman instead, they made a lot of bad decisions.

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With Princess Michael carrying on in public in Venice with a much-younger Russian thug who was later murdered, gang-style and the Prince allowing photos to be taken of himself and his younger mistress You could say that about every woman who has ever gotten married. She could wear expensive clothes and smile. The media did the rest. The British Royal Family specifically had Diana visit the Royal gynecologist before marrying Charles, to ensure that she was capable of bearing an heir.

The Palace Press Office used to send out descriptions of her outfits at events until she finally asked them to stop. Yes, I think broodmare and clotheshorse describe her envisioned role very well. Diana may have been thick, but she was anything but dull. Hence, the thousands of magazine covers that featured her, the dozens of books and documentaries about her, and the ongoing public interest in her over 20 years after her death. But I suspect at this point that you are just being argumentative, so I will respectfully retire from this discussion. Can you not retire from DL completely?

reibiefengpa.tk I am deeply, deeply wounded by your laser-like assessment of all my failings. My apologies to RI mixed up the numbers while blocking the idiot at R Your post was fine! Diana was clearly not "dull" if the mere mention of her some 20 years hence her death fires you up in such a rage. Whatever her faults, she had "IT" in spades.

R - You're right, my bad - I was thinking "direct democracy" as the opposite number. We practice "indirect democracy" - the head of the party who gets a majority becomes PM rather than us voting directly for the head of government. Everyone "knew" Diana would be checked out for fertility before the wedding. It was still done back then, even more necessarily in this case, as it was abundantly clear that Charles was marrying for duty, not love. She was probably checked for things like chlamydia or endometriosis or the like that might impact a young woman's ability to become pregnant.

The Untold Lives Of The Spanish Royal Family

Holy crap R, calm down?